Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chat box

Welcome to my home. Reading my blog, you will know I'm a newbie in the kitchen and still learning. Actually, I started cooking 6 months ago when I was craving Vietnamese food that I could not find here in New York city. If you visit my page by chance, like my food and want to know more about New York, please kindly leave your comments. I would love to know about your visit :)


  1. Replies
    1. Cam on em da ghe tham blog nhe. Ca tuan nay chi busy qua, ko co Thoi gian vao blog & update nen ko Thay comment cua em. Nice to meet you em :)

    2. Chị ơi chị giỏi quá!!!! Blog rất đẹp, nội dụng phong phú, Đặc biệt đồ ăn chị giới thiệu toàn đồ đạc sản và dễ ăn, giới thiệu rất chi tiết, ko hề hời hợt

  2. Thanks em nhe'. Chi cung moi tap nau an gan day thoi em ah. Nhung mon' an chi post tren blog deu la nhung mon' lan dau tien chi lam het. Chi em minh deu o xa nha, nhieu khi them lam' may' mon' dan^ da, ma tim ko ra o day. Nen cung deu phai lan vao bep' ma nau em hen. Chi rat vui vi em thich' blog cua chi. Chi hy vong em se try mot vai cong thuc' chi da post tren day xem thu co work ko hen. Have a nice Sunday em nhe :)

  3. I found I like the stew I ate at a not so Mexican restaurant here that used to be in our area. Pancho's. Green chile stew. Was an easy one with Pork, green chiles, pototoes, onions. I did a few varitions on it but still love the flavor of the roasted green chiles. Here the ones I get are Anaheim peppers. Still close to the right ones so they work. Might try playing with that dish and see if you like the outcome. Careful the peppers you use though. Too hot and no one will eat it. Ha, ha. Always my friend if you need me down south.